Origin of wild ginseng(Brief) I looked for several books to find out about wild ginseng in the 1980s. However, I remember that there were no professional books about wild ginseng at the time. Where did the history of wild ginseng begin? So I looked for many old books,I have come to see a legend or a piece of writing. According to tradition, Mohu Mountain, located in Hwasun County, Jeollanam-do,  is the first place to be discovered. There is no solid ground for this. But I think we should know the origin. Later, the origin of wild ginseng stems from ginseng roots. During the latter half of the Joseon Dynasty, all wild ginseng plants that appeared in the mountains throughout the country were collectively known as ginseng. Ginseng is also a name that resembles the shape of a person. So there is a difference between ginseng and old ginseng these days. Old ginseng was said to be the natural ginseng to be discovered naturally.
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